Defense in the 21st Century

Learn to work with your partner to take all your tricks, interfere with declarer, and set more contracts.

Defending a bridge hand requires the ability to work with your partner without being able to see the cards you each hold. Often considered the most difficult part of the game, it's also where you will play 2/3rds of the hands where you're not dummy!

Discover the logic behind the phrases "third hand high," "second hand low," and when not to use those. We'll even have some practice at counting to discover the distribution patterns of the hidden hands.

  1. Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts
  2. Opening Leads Against Trump Contracts
  3. Third-Hand Play
  4. Second-Hand play
  5. Defensive Signals
  6. Developing Defensive Tricks
  7. Interfering With Declarer
  8. Making a Plan
$130 (includes text book)