Play of the Hand

Play of the Hand in the 21st Century

While bidding changes with fashion and experimentation, declarer play techniques have remained the same since the game was created.

Join this course and improve your play of the hand. We'll had much more detail to the basics taught in the Bridge Basics courses. Discover ways to create extra winners, or eliminate extra losers, watch for entries, identifying and avoiding the dangerous opponent, and much more.

There are still declarer play topics that won't be covered in this class. (If you're hoping to learn all about squeezes and endplays, that will have to come later!)

  1. Making a Plan
  2. Developing Tricks - Promotion and Length
  3. Developing Tricks - The Finesse
  4. Eliminating Losers - Ruffing and Discarding
  5. Watching Out for Entries
  6. Watching out for The Opponents
  7. Managing the Trump Suit
  8. Putting It All Together
$130 (includes text book)