Saturday Dec 17 Work Party

Work party in progress

We had a great turnout for the work party. Many thanks to Barbara Leider, Yvonne Schimmel, Liza Billington, Cory Brendel, Lisa Walker, Cardon Walker, Susan Kane, and Jon Fuhrman!

All of the chairs are built. All but eight of the end tables are built (32 of 40). I built shelving for the kitchen, and Cory and Cardon helped me mount the 50-inch monitor for results and game information.

I loaded up the minivan twice to haul cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam to the center's recycling bins.

Our music playlist included Grateful Dead, Amy Winehouse, John Coltrane, Brahms Serenades, and Beatles Sgt. Peppers.

Enjoy the pictures below! The top picture is work in progress. Here's how things looked at the end of the day:

end tables
Some of the many end tables lined up on the class room. There are eight boxes left, and many card tables. (They don't need assembly.)
Kitchen shelves
Storage shelving for the kitchen. I thought we might also need a bookshelf for board storage, but I'm not sure right now!
All chairs
All 80 chairs built and stacked, ready to go.
TV mounted
The 50-inch TV is mounted and ready for game information.