Morris "Mojo" Jones

Founder, Managing Director
Morris Jones

Morris "Mojo" Jones is a tournament player with the rank of Gold Life Master in the American Contract Bridge League. Mojo is certified by the ACBL as a club director and tournament assistant, and holds every available bridge teaching accreditation. He is a past-president of ACBL Unit 507 in San Jose. He is currently vice-president and tournament coordinator for the North American Pairs for District 23 (Los Angeles).

Most recently, Mojo earned the designation Master Teacher from the American Bridge Teachers Association, and is currently the president of the ABTA.

Mojo was awarded Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Member of the Year for 2023 by the ACBL Goodwill Committee.

Mojo retired in 2019 as a professional software engineer at DreamWorks Animation, with a credit in several DreamWorks Animation movies.

Mojo and his wife Jane also avid amateur astronomers, having met under clear night skies in Northern California. Jane and Mojo together are founders of the Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers. Jane retired as an astronomer and outreach specialist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, and producer of the popular monthly "What's Up" video podcast. Jane and Mojo were awarded with the naming of minor planet 22338 JANEMOJO in 2003.