Bridge Basics 1 - An Introduction

Bridge Basics I - An Introduction Audrey grant

This course is the launch pad for your bridge experience!

In the first class, you'll learn the mechanics of the game and much of the vocabulary, such as tricks, notrump, trump, declarer, dummy, opening lead, contract. You will play as declarer, defender, or dummy.

For the next three lessons, you'll discover how to analyze a bridge hand to find the best contract (HOW HIGH? and WHERE?). You'll learn how to use declarer's ABCs to plan the play of the hand and win more tricks as declarer. In the second half of each session, we'll learn bidding based on Standard American 5-card Majors so you and your partner can reach your best contract.

In the final two classes we will bid and play full hands to practice all the skills and techniques we studied in the first four lessons.

  1. The Basics
  2. Notrump opening bids and responses
  3. Major suit opening bids and responses
  4. Minor suit opening bids and responses
  5. Practice hands
  6. Practice hands
Some instances of the class are offered by PCC Extension, and conducted at the Pasadena Bridge Club
$91 (includes text book)