Two Over One Game Force

Two Over One Game Force by Grant and Rodwell

Two Over One Game Force (2/1 GF) is a 5-Card Major bidding system that involves a tiny tweak to Standard American.

Transitioning from Standard American to 2/1 GF improves your ability to find yourself in the right game contract, and more easily find slam contracts. Standard American still covers most of your hands, but when partner bids a new suit at the two-level (e.g, 2♣️ after a 1♠️ opening), the partnership is known to be strong enough to play at least at the 3NT level.

2/1GF is now nearly ubiquitous in tournament play at all levels. Even if you choose not to adopt the system, this course will help you understand how your opponents are finding better contracts using it.

  1. Introduction to Two-Over-One Game Force
  2. The Forcing 1NT Response
  3. Rebids by Opener and Responder
  4. The Choice Between Game and Slam
  5. Practice Hands
  6. Practice Hands
$140 (includes text book)